Standard Bank is giving graduates a chance to bank on themselves

Standard Bank – I-interview

Standard Bank is giving graduates a chance to bank on themselves, and see themselves as investments for their own future with the Standard Bank Graduate Programme!

For the second year we hosted Loerie Finalist, the Standard Bank I-interview! Based on the premise that getting a foot in the door is a daunting task and that job interviews are terrifying; sweaty palms, tight collars, serious questions; we took the idea of a boring interview and turned it on its head!

Students showed up on campuses nationwide, unaware of what was about to be a very unique interview experience. What was expected to be just another terrifying graduate interview, turned out to be an interview with some of the graduates’ toughest, and most unexpected, critics – themselves!

Using custom-made technology, the graduates sat face-to-face with themselves to answer questions that only they would know the real answers; ending with the most important one of all, “Why would You, Bank on You?”

The reach of over 10 000 students, of which over 400 were interviewed in five locations across South Africa; and a steady increase of both facebook likes and graduate sign-ups, in the first month alone, made this activation a great success!

Students came face-to-face with the truth; that they need to see themselves as valuable before they can be of value anywhere else.