It was essential we put Mountain Dew up in lights this year!

Mountain Dew – Dew Tour Bootcamp

Building on the momentum of Mountain Dew’s previous Dew Tour Bootcamps, it was essential we put Mountain Dew up in lights this year!

We had to get students’ adrenaline pumping by showing them how to ‘Do the Dew’. So the 2015 Dew Tour Bootcamp visited four campuses nationwide, rolling out a three-phase campaign, which included; pre-hype, digital integration and the live event itself, to ensure maximum exposure.

Building up to the live event, a PR campaign, which included; live reads on varsity radios, influencer competitions, targeted press releases and social media posts, was launched to get students stoked and grab the media’s attention. To further hype up the event, the Dew Tour team set about each campus, flyers in hand, to get the students pumped up for what would be coming to their campus the following day. And they turned up in their masses!

The live event was hosted at Stellenbosch University and UCT in the Western Cape and Wits and TUKS in Gauteng. The activation didn’t simply sample Mountain Dews, it allowed everyone, from the commerce kids to the science heads, to get out of the library. Students could win prizes by braving the giant spinning wheel or they could take part in a BMX or skate bootcamp session with the pros!

Students loved being able to interact with the activation, both on campus and online, and the stats speak for themselves. Over 40 000 samples were distributed over the activation period; winning Mountain Dew 450 more Twitter followers, 530 new Facebook likes and over 1000 Instagram snaps.

And that is how we successfully brought back the Dew Tour Bootcamp for the third year running.