Lipton Ice Tea prides itself on ensuring you ‘Never Lose Your Cool’

Lipton Ice Tea – Ice Sea

Lipton Ice Tea prides itself on ensuring you ‘Never Lose Your Cool’. With holiday-makers flocking to South Africa’s most beautiful beaches over December/January, we were tasked with keeping their mercury down while making a viral buzz in the process. With the world’s first floating vending machine, we did all that, and more!

Prior to the campaign, Lipton Ice Tea’s Facebook page released information about a cargo ship going down and vending machines bobbing up and down somewhere on SA’s coastline. Consumers were encouraged to guess locations of the next siting of these UFO’s (unidentified floating objects). If they guessed correctly, they stood the chance of winning some very cold hard cash.

On our launch day at the glamorous Clifton 4th beach, the media couldn’t get enough of it. As the #liptonicesea machine appeared on the shoreline, media were abuzz including The Cape Argus & national news channel, ETV. Consumers would swim out in groups of 3 to the machine where , once aboard, they’d be sprayed with water, have their photos taken (from above and under water) and of course receive some delicious Lipton Ice Tea in the process.

After swimming back, their waterproof token would get them and their friends into the Lipton Lounge, in partnership with Clifton Lifesaving. Inside they’d be able to kick back to mellow beats, win branded beach merchandise and of course enjoy some more of the cool stuff in the process.

As the machine travelled across the country, media continued following it. In the end, with Lipton Ice Tea, we helped ensue SA Never Lost Their Cool during the summer of 2012/13!