KPMG - Two Oceans Pre-hype Campaign


KPMG has a team of elite runners in the Two Oceans Marathon and wanted to increase their social media following and increase their digital footprint, focusing on Caroline Wostmann and Colleen De Reuck.

We created a detailed content plan for the KPMG social media team to implement. We produced an article for the KPMG running club site which included an interview with Olympic Gold Medalist, Elana Meyer. We also reached out to KPMG partners for the Two Oceans Marathon (Adidas, 32Gi and Endurocad) to share content on their social media platforms and ran ads on all platforms to increase following and engagements.

In the run up to the race we achieved 353k Twitter impressions, 253% more than last year. Leading up to the race, Facebook posts reached approximately 120k people, 760% more than last year. The hash tag #KPMGLifestyle was used over 420 times on Twitter. Across all Two Oceans video assets we brought in over 12k video views. As a result, KPMG gained 1200 Twitter followers (12% increase), 1243 Facebook followers (12% increase) and 177 Instagram follower (50% increase). The article we produced generated over 268 page views and the featured video with Caroline Wostmann has been shared 44 times.

Overall, due to effective Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads the KPMG social media ad content reached 410 000 people. In addition to these numbers, all the main partners mentioned and shared our Two Oceans Marathon content.