This was the biggest and most exciting event we had done for GNC

GNC – Arnold’s Classic

This was the biggest and most exciting event we had done for GNC. It was the first time the prestigious global event had a leg in Africa, it came with huge support from international sponsors and companies. The event attracted participants from all over the world and had the attention of the international fitness industry.

GNC was one of the sponsors of the event and had its own representatives competing in the various divisions each doing very well with two of them claiming Bronze and Gold respectively.

Due to the importance of the event in the industry GNC invested a lot into the sponsorship, branding and actual expo stand. We were entrusted to handle all branding as well as the full expo stand for GNC. There was a lot of planning and preparation in the build up to the event as we were required to conceptualize the stand and bring that to life. We had various elements on the stand including a BMI (body mass index) analysis team from the university of Stellenbosch present on the stand to give data readings and recommendations to athletes and fitness enthusiasts at the event.

We were required to build the stand, brand it, furnish it and add all finishes. We were also required to supply staff for the event with a specific brief: The staff needed to fit the fitness mold, be able to impart relevant brand knowledge and push sales of the products (which was not a primary objective). The staff were extremely excited to be apart of the event and were enthusiastic about representing the client. They were able to do all that was required from them as well as create a welcoming and positive atmosphere at the stand. The staff were able to push a large amount of sales exceeding their event target by double considering there were also sales staff present. The amount of engagements was also high which meant great brand exposure for GNC.

Overall the event was a success and the client was extremely happy with the outcome. Our delivery of service was the highlight as we paid careful attention to detail and were able to manage and quandaries effectively.

Peroration is already underway and we are looking forward to being apart of this years event.