Customer brand loyalty is important to adidas.


So important, in fact, that adidas tasked us with the challenge of increasing their brand’s customer brand loyalty and customer database. The system would need to be well designed, sleek and the software seamless during the sign-up process.

The adidas 3Stripes loyalty program was created with the adidas target market in mind, offering benefits such as quarterly newsletters, members-only competitions, product launch previews, discounts on sale items and VIP access to special adidas events.

To capture the details required for sign-up, branded stand-alone units, known as pods, were produced, with easy-to-use touch screen software, for simple and effective consumer interactions. This information is automatically uploaded online. Once registered, the consumer would receive and activate their loyalty card on the pod.

These pods were installed in adidas Performance and Originals stores across the country. And to further the sign-up reach, more simplistic, compact portable pods were produced to be used at adidas events.

Over 30 adidas pod units were installed in adidas stores nationwide and portable pod units have been used at over 100 adidas events. Since its launch 3 years ago, the 3Stripes loyalty program has received over 100 000 new sign-ups. Successful? We think so.