Celebrating new partnerships

We have some exciting news!

Turns out other industry peeps have been checking us out! And we’ve decided to take it to the next level with one of them. Meet Smollan. They’re kind of a big deal in the world of retail marketing globally and they have invested in us!

We will continue to blaze trails in delivering some of SA’s best live experiences – but now with even more power. This partnership gives us access to local and global data, which means our campaigns will be driven by insights that drive ROI like never before!

We had 60 people in 3 offices. Now we have 60,000 people across offices in five continents so get ready for execution as big or small as you need it. Our brand, leadership, values and passion will stay entirely as they are – all essential elements of this next chapter in our journey.

Join us as we elevate ourselves beyond borders and into the stratosphere!

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